Fraser Straits Marina

In the Tin Can Bay region, like elsewhere in Queensland, the number of people owning boats and participating in recreational boating activities is rapidly increasing.

For example, the Bay to Bay race from Tin Can Bay to Hervey Bay started in 1981 with a reported fleet of 114 yachts. Strong growth in the fleet saw a record number of entries of 230 in 1999, and the event has typically attracted approximately 200 entries each year since.

This growth is consistent with trends and statistics record by Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ).

As at April 2006, MSQ reported more than 200,000 registered vessels in the state and by 2011, that had increased to just over 236,000.

Interestingly, in Queensland only vessels with a 4 horsepower motor or more must be registered. So the actual number of vessels operating in our waterways is significantly higher than the number of vessels registered.

Fraser Straits Marina