Fraser Straits Marina

The proponent is committed to developing the proposed Fraser Straits Marina Layout Plan in a manner that properly addresses environmental and social issues as well as incorporating comprehensive environmental management measures.

As part of the Local, State and Federal Government approval processes, a comprehensive assessment of environmental issues has been carried out.

The results of this assessment, as well as construction and operational Environmental Management Plans, were made publicly available during the State approval process and in the Preliminary Documentation.

In brief, this assessment found that impacts associated with the construction and operation of the proposed marina would principally be limited to within the boundaries of the State Boat Harbour where disturbances from boating and associated infrastructure already exist.

Any effects extending beyond harbour boundaries (e.g. minor turbidity effects during dredging, or changes to the number of vessels travelling to and from the harbour) would be small and would not cause any significant adverse environmental or social impact.

Importantly, the technical studies undertaken showed there would not be any significant adverse effect on the wider Tin Can Inlet or the Great Sandy Strait, both of which support important habitats.

The proposed development has now been through the Federal Government's approvals processes where issues controlled by the EPBC Act were examined. Federal Government approval from SEWPAC was required as the proposed development was determined to be a 'controlled action' to be assessed by Preliminary Documentation.

The draft Preliminary Documentation was prepared and placed on public display in 2010 for public comment. All submissions received during this period were collated and information needed to address them was gathered. A report detailing the comments and their responses was included within the Final Preliminary Documentation for the proposed marina.

The Final Preliminary Documentation for the proposed Fraser Straits Marina was submitted to the Federal Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (SEWPAC) in May 2013 for assessment and placed on public display from 13 May 2013 until 7 June 2013.

On Monday 5 August 2013, following the public display and assessment of the Final Preliminary Documentation, the Federal Minister announced that the project has been approved with conditions. The conditions set by the Minister, along with the conditions already in place from the State Government approval process, will ensure that potential impacts associated with the construction and operation of the Fraser Straits Marina are effectively mitigated.

In accordance with the SEWPAC approval conditions, the proponent will now develop Environmental Management Plans (EMPs), an Operational Management Plan, a Marina Rehabilitation Plan, and an Offsets Plan.  The proponent will also now commence work on the requirements of the other conditions of SEWPAC and State approvals.

The proponent must also undertake a detailed design and tendering processes before construction can begin.

In accordance with Condition 1 of the SEWPAC approval, the Assessment Documentation as defined in the approval is published on Fraser Straits Marina web site.

Fraser Straits Marina