Fraser Straits Marina

The Fraser Straits Marina would provide new facilities entirely within the boundaries of the Snapper Creek State Boat Harbour in the Norman Point precinct of Tin Can Bay.

The Fraser Straits Marina layout plan includes the reclamation of further land adjacent to that which was reclaimed previously for the facilities that exist today. Current lessees at Norman Point include the Barnacles Café and Lifestyle Holidays businesses which are owned by the proponents; as well as the Tin Can Bay Coast Guard and the Tin Can Bay Yacht Club. Public facilities include the boat ramp as well as car and boat trailer parking.

The proposed Fraser Straits Marina is consistent with the objectives of the Wide Bay Integrated Transport Plan 2002-2020 and the Queensland Coastal Plan


The development of a second marina in the Snapper Creek Boat Harbour to service Tin Can Bay has been recognised in the Wide Bay Integrated Transport Plan 2002-2020. The preparation of this transport plan involved extensive consultation with business, industry, government and the community in Wide Bay and was released in November 2002.


State Boat Harbours are incorporated into the Environment and Heritage Protection’s (EHP) Queensland Coastal Plan via the single State Planning Policy 2013.

The Queensland Coastal Plan recognises State Boat Harbours as places where sustainable coastal development and maritime infrastructure should be located.

The Fraser Straits Marina falls within the boundaries of the Snapper Creek State Boat Harbour which is managed by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) on behalf of the State of Queensland. It was one of the original 15 State Boat Harbours created by the Queensland Government in the 1960's and 1970's to foster small boat activities.

Today there are 11 remaining including Snapper Creek.

  • Eight, including Snapper Creek, are controlled by DTMR

  • Three are controlled by other authorities - Burnett Heads (Bundaberg Port Authority); Ross Creek (Townsville Port Authority); and Port Douglas (Cairns Regional Council).

  • Mackay became a marina harbour; Gladstone became a port; Southport became a complex of marinas; and Johnstone Shire Council (now amalgamated to Cassowary Coast Regional Council) purchased the pile moorings at Innisfail. State boat harbours are defined in the Queensland Coastal Plan as ‘maritime development areas.’

    Maritime development areas are recognised as being a coastal-dependent land use which support important social and economic activities including tourism, recreation, fishing and transport as well as providing local employment.
Fraser Straits Marina