Fraser Straits Marina

The proposed Fraser Straits Marina includes approximately 240 berths to be built on reclaimed land on the south bank of Snapper Creek, adjacent to the existing public boat ramp and trailer parking area.

The development of the marina will be staged. Initially, 116 wet berths will be developed with more added up to a total of approximately 240 as demand increases.

The proposed Fraser Straits Marina is in line with existing marine infrastructure in the region and would only be slightly larger than the existing Tin Can Bay Marina located upstream that currently has 172 berths ranging from 9 metres to 20 metres plus.

The Fraser Straits Marina layout design aims to retain the local character of Tin Can Bay, respond to local demand for recreational boating facilities, and provide a visually pleasing development, while enhancing public amenity and access to the waterfront.

Construction of the proposed Fraser Straits Marina will be done in a way that causes minimal impacts on the existing marine facilities. The existing facilities at the end of Norman Point including the car park, boat ramp, coast guard building and pontoon, and Luxury Afloat boat hire building will be retained. New facilities will be built to replace the existing Barnacles Café. A temporary structure will allow the café to continue business until the new building is ready.


The proposed Fraser Straits Marina features:

  • Approximately 240 wet berths catering mostly for vessels from 9 metres to 15 metres but with some berths designed for vessels up to 25 metres.
  • The marina has the potential to be staged in order to meet demand as it arises, stage 1 will comprise 116 berths
  • Dry storage facility catering for up to 120 boats up to about 9 metres in length
  • Marine-related retail and services facilities located adjacent to the dry storage facility, including a pontoon and jetty to service the dry boat storage facility
  • 250 to 300 car parking spaces
  • New Tin Can Bay Yacht Club that will be built on the most north-eastern part of the site and be serviced by a new boat ramp
  • New kiosk and marina services facility
  • Combined trailer boat parking as presently exists
  • Public waterfront boardwalk
  • Public promenade on the waterfront
  • Increased waterfront access for the public
  • Caretaker accommodation for the marina manager to allow 24 hours a day, seven days a week presence
  • Dredged material handling area at the eastern and south-eastern end of the development.

Consultation with Queensland Transport identified the need for an area to be created for the management of material dredged from the existing navigation channels in Snapper Creek on an on-going basis. The developer will create the dredged material handling area at its own cost and subsequently hand it to Queensland Transport to facilitate maintenance dredging of Snapper Creek.


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Kiosk Area Layout
Boat Storage Perspective
Yacht Club Perspective


Fraser Straits Marina